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Dark matter and dark energy are mysterious substances that account for a large portion of the universe. Solutions to these mysterious substances are sought using general relativistic phenomena on cosmic scales such as gravitational lenses, gravitational waves and cosmic inhomogeneity (halos and voids).

Probing dark dwarf galaxies with gravitational lens

Research Area Cosmology, Astrophysics, Gravitational Astronomy
Research Interests Observational cosmology, gravitational astronomy,
gravitational lens, dark matter, dark energy, cosmic topology, gravitational wave, galaxy formation, black hole formation
Selected Publications (1) Evidence for a Dusty Dark Dwarf Galaxy in the Quadruple Lens MG0414+0534, K.T. Inoue, S. Matsushita, T. Minezaki and M. Chiba, Astrophysical Journal Letter, 835, Number 2 L23, (2017), press release from KINDAI(2017/02/09)

(2) Weak Lensing by Line-of-sight Halos as the Origin of Flux-ratio Anomalies in Quadruply Lensed QSOs,  K.T. Inoue and R. Takahashi, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 426, 2978-2993 (2012)

(3) Local Voids as the Origin of Large-angle Cosmic Microwave Background Anomalies I., K.T. Inoue and J. Silk,
Astrophysical Journal, 648, 23-30 (2006)
Research and Achievements
Affiliated Academic Societies IAU
(Undergraduate Course)
BA: International Christian University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
MS and PhD: Kyoto University
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date Exploring Topology of the Universe in the Cosmic Microwave Background
Kyoto University
March 23, 2001

Laboratory for Cosmology

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Academic Staff and Fellows