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DOTERA Tomonari
Professor Doctor of Science
Department of Physics
Graduate school/Science

This laboratory is the world leader in soft quasicrystal research. This laboratory made the world’s first discovery of a polymeric quasicrystal, implying that even soft matter has an ordered structure with no repetitive units. Theoretical research on the origin of the formation of soft quasicrystals appeared in Nature. Recently Dr. Dotera found the bronze-mean quasicrystal. Also, he aims to develop the science of gyroid.

Exploration of the origin of soft matter quasicrystals (left); discovery of polymer quasicrystals (center & right)

Research Area Quasicrystal Physics, Soft Matter Physics, Condensed Matter Physics
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Statistical Physics II
Exercises for Statistical Physics II
Mechanics II
Mathematics for Physics IV
Frontiers of Physics
Modern Physics II
Teaching (Graduate Course) Soft Matter Physics
Complex Condensed Matter Physics
Research Interests Soft quasicrystals
Triply periodic minimal surfaces
Gyroid materials
Materials Geometry
Selected Publications (1) Polymeric quasicrystal: Mesoscopic quasicrystalline tiling in ABC star polymers, Physical Review Letters 98, 195502 (2007).  Phys. Rev. Focus, C&EN

Scientific Background on the Nobel Prize 2011.

(2) Mosaic two-lengthscale quasicrystals, Nature 506, 208-211 (2014). JST Science channel.

(3) Metallic-mean quasicrystals as aperiodic approximants of periodic crystals, Nature Communications, 10, 4235 (2019). Behind the paper nature research. Instagram nature research.
Research and Achievements
Affiliated Academic Societies The Physical Society of Japan (JPS)
American Physical Society (APS, DPOLY, GSOFT)
The Society of Polymer Science Japan (SPSJ)
American Chemical Society (ACS)
Materials Research Society (MRS)
External Activity JST, PRESTO "Hyper-nano-space design toward innovative functionality" Advisor (2013-2019)
Vice-Chair, Division 6, The Physical Society of Japan (2018)
Chair, Division 6, The Physical Society of Japan (2019)
(Undergraduate Course)
BAS: University of Tokyo
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Ph.D: University of Tokyo
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date Self-similar polynomials obtained from a one-dimensional quasiperiodic model, Univ. of Tokyo, 1989
Biography 1989-1994 Assistant Professor (Dept. of Pure & Applied Sciences, Univ. of Tokyo)
1990-1992 Post doctor (Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Pennsylvania)
1994- Associate Professor (The Open Univ. of Japan)
2003- Associate Professor (Dept. of Polymer Chemistry, Kyoto Univ.)
2009- Professor (Dept. of Physics, Kindai Univ.)
Awards Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics Prize for 2007
Message to Students If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?
- Shelley
The Child is father of the Man; I could wish my days to be Bound each to each by natural piety.
- Wordsworth
Books Recommended to Students Principles of Condensed Matter Physics (Paul M. Chaikin & Tom C. Lubensky)
Shapes (P. Ball)
Tilings and Patterns (B. Gruenbaum & G. C.Shephard)
Interests and Others Fine Arts, Bike, Swimming

Soft Matter Physics Laboratory

Office Location Building 31 (5F), Dotera Office
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