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ODA Fumihito
Professor Doctor (Science)
Department/Science  Graduate school/Science

Examination is carried out into finite groups and their representation using a category theory approach. Research is conducted into group actions on simplicial complexes, semi-ordered sets, and modules.

Mackey axiom and commutative diagrams

Research Area Representation Theory of Finite Groups
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Synthetic Seminar 1, Group theory 1, Study of Mathematics (1), Group theory 1, Study of Mathematics (5), Algebra (2)
Teaching (Graduate Course) Group theory, Categorical representation theory, Advanced research on mathematical analysis, Ph. D. Study in group theory, Ph. D. Exercises in mathematics
Research Interests finite group, algebra, groupoid, representation, category, 2-category, category theory, functor, 2-functor, Burnside ring, representation ring, crossed Burnside ring, Mackey functor, Mackey 2-functor, Mackey 2-motive, Green functor, Tambara functor, Yoshida algebra, Mackey algebra
Selected Publications Lefschetz invariants and Young characters for representations of the hyperoctahedral groups, Journal of Algebra 512 (2018), 1-19 (15 October 2018). (Yugen Takegahara, Tomoyuki Yoshida)

Categorical constructions related to finite groups, Sugaku Expositions 32 (1) 57-86 (June 2019). (Hiroyuki Nakaoka) 

Lattice Burnside rings, Algebra Universalis 81 (2020), no. 4, Paper No. 53, 32 pp. (Yugen Takegahara, Tomoyuki Yoshida)
Research and Achievements
Affiliated Academic Societies The Mathematical Society of Japan
(Undergraduate Course)
Hokkaido university of education, Hakodate
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Hokkaido University (Master of Science), Kumamoto University (Doctor of Science, Ph.D.)
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date Generalized Burnside Rings and Mackey functors, Kumamoto University, September, 1997
Biography 1997. 10-2000. 3 : Japan Society of the Promotion of Science, Research fellow (PD), Hokkaido University
1997. 11-1998. 9:Research associate, University of Minnesota
2000. 4-2009. 3 : Toyama National College of Technology, Department of Liberal Arts, Assistant professor
2009. 4-2012. 3 : Yamgata University, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Associate professor
2013. 4-2019. 3 : Kindai University, Department of Mathematics, Associate professor
2019. 4 : Kindai University, Department of Mathematics, Professor

Group Theory Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows