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The field of specialty here is algebraic analysis, which grew out of research into differential equations. Using combinatorics and microlocal analysis, research is conducted into reversion formulas of radon transforms of constructible functions, and the behavior of images.

Topological Radon transforms

Research Area Mathematics, Algebraic Analysis, Microlocal Analysis
Research Interests Topological Radon transforms
Selected Publications [1] Y. Sato, Y. Matsui, Characterization theorems of Riley type for bicomplex holomorphic functions, Commun. of KMS 35, pp. 825-841, 2020.

[2] Y. Ike, Y. Matsui and K. Takeuchi, Hyperbolic Localization and Lefschetz fixed point formulas for higher dimensional fixed point sets, IMRN 2018, pp.4852-4898, 2018.

[3] Y. Matsui, A range characterization of topological Radon transforms on Grassmann manifolds, Rev. Roumaine Math. Pures Appl., Vol.60 (4), pp.423-440, 2015.
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The University of Tokyo
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Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Microlocal Analysis Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows