Features of Undergraduate Education

The Faculty of Science and Engineering comprises nine departments and courses in science and engineering, and it fosters the type of creative individuals that society needs through practical studies in line with the founding principles of Kindai University. To this end, the faculty has the following curricula, which allow students to acquire an education that motivates them to learn, acquire good study habits, develop the ability to think and decide on their own, and to take on the challenge of solving problems.

Liberal Arts Subjects

The faculty's liberal arts curriculum comprises four subjects: Humanity and Social Awareness, Local and Global Awareness, Problem Identification and Solving, and Sports and Expressive Activities.

Foreign Language Subjects

The faculty's foreign language curriculum comprises a variety of subjects including English, Chinese, German, French, and Korean. Native speakers of the respective languages lead classes in which students acquire skills through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In the first year students take Practical English, in which they use a Kindai textbook called "First Year in RI-KE" to learn and express their everyday activities in English. They can also attend the faculty's English Summer School to further improve their communication and presentation skills.

Basic Subjects

The curriculum comprises subjects that form the foundation for specialized study: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Information Science. Students can visit this faculty's Study Support Office, where specialized staff are ready to assist them in their studies.

Specialized Subjects

Specialized subjects in a wide range of fields are available, including science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and engineering (Material Science, Life Sciences, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering). This curriculum fosters individuals with the fundamentals and adaptability to respond to the needs of today's lightning-fast advances in science and technology. With an emphasis on experiments, practice, and exercises, and collaboration with industry representatives, the faculty offers students a living, breathing education.

Basic Education

As well as studying the basics in their specialized fields, students acquire the IT skills needed to be active members of society. They also learn the Japanese language skills needed in the field of science and engineering.

Language Education

For students who want to be engineers playing an active role on the world stage, foreign language skills are essential. Our faculty has in place a comprehensive language education system that enables students to polish their skills in this area.

Engineering Education

We offer JABEE-certified programs that develop students into highly competent, globally minded engineers. The Faculty of Science and Engineering fosters such world-class engineers through an education system of the highest standard.

Career Education

It's important that students make the most of their four years at university if they want to achieve their career dreams. KINDAI UNIVERSITY supports students in every step of the career-planning process.