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Faculty and Research

With an interest in the English language, as well as British society, culture, and history, we study the English literature of the 19th century. Through the literary works of the Victorian Era, regarded as the period during which Great Britain was at its most prosperous, we can come to know and learn about many things.

Associate Professor Mphil in English
PhD in Literature


  • Department: General Education Division

Films and TV dramas set in the UK

Research Area 19th-Century English Literature and Culture
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) International and Cross-cultural Understanding, English 1/2, TOEIC 1/2
Research Interests Works of the Brontës
Victorain Society and Culture
Selected Publications (1) Emily's Journal. Trans. Yoshitsugu Uchida, Istuyo
Shimizu, Toshie Maeda, et al. (Osaka Kyoiku Tosho,
2013), pp. 15-22
(2) 'Rinsen Nakazawa's Interest in Emily Brontë', 
Brontë Stuides (The Journal of the Brontë Society) 
41.4 (2016), pp. 334-39.
(3) The Brontës in Context. Trans. Hiroshi Ebine, Yoshitugu Uchida, Itsuyo Shimizu, et al. (Osaka Kyoiku Tosho, 2016), pp. 65-74.
(Undergraduate Course)
BA from Kwansei Gakuin University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Mphil from Birmingham University
MA and PhD from Kansai Univeristy
E-mail uhara(at)kindai.ac.jp

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Faculty and Research

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