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Faculty and Research

Verbs express motion and action, and change form as they become the predicates for various clauses. Among them, we give thought to ways of expressing “action” that continues to occur and evolve in the flow of time.

Associate Professor Doctor of

Jongkyun MOK

  • Department: General Education Division

My main research theme is the contrastive analysis of grammar concerning Korean and Japanese languages.

Research Area Linguistics, Japanese Korean contrastive linguistics
Research Interests Aspect
Selected Publications (1)A study on the description of purpose 「-(eu)leo」and 「-gi wihae(seo) 」, Kinki University Center for Liberal Arts and Foreign Language Education journal. No.4-1, pp19~37 (2013) 
(2)The study on telicity and change of aspectual meaning in Korean, The Culture Society of Korea, Vol.3, pp101~128 (2013)
(3)The study of lexical aspect and aspectual meaning of telic verb in Japanese, Japanese Language & Culture Association of Korea. Vol. 25, pp183~206 (2013) 
(Undergraduate Course)
BE from Chung-Ang University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
ME and DE from Osaka University of Foreign Studies
E-mail ssaulabiM(at)kindai.ac.jp

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Faculty and Research

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