Campus Life

Campus Facilities

Kindai University has a wealth of facilities and equipment for promoting state-of-the-art research and nurturing outstanding researchers. These assets also foster the development of human resources who can play an active role on the world stage.

Higashiosaka Campus

Higashiosaka Campus, home to eight faculties and a junior college, boasts facilities for study, research, student exchange, athletics, and more. As Kindai University’s main campus, it offers the 20,000-plus students that study here a vibrant, fulfilling environment.

Central Library

The Central Library provides the latest in library services and has approximately 1.5 million books, 13,000 journals/magazines, 50,000 electronic journals and e-books, and a database to support the 650,000 visitors it receives every year. While the Central Library is located at the Higashiosaka Campus, there are libraries at other Kindai University campuses as well.


As a center for information-processing education, KUDOS boasts approximately 700 PCs. It also has a multi-media studio, information literacy classrooms, and other facilities for providing high-level specialized education.

Joint Research Center (JRC)

With the goal of facilitating advances in education and research, JRC promotes the effective university-wide use of state-of-the-art scientific equipment. Various kinds of cutting-edge equipment are contributing to research by Kindai University faculties and graduate schools in the natural sciences. Branch centers are located at each of the university’s campuses.

The Village E³ [e-cube]

With native-English-speaking staff members from the US, UK, Australia, and other countries on hand to engage in practical conversation, E³ [e-cube] is a fun place to brush up communicative English skills. A variety of music, sports, and other activities are carried out in English, allowing students to take part in international exchanges while having fun. There’s even a basketball court and a café.

Osaka-Sayama Campus

Located in Osaka-Sayama City, this campus hosts the Faculty of Medicine, an affiliated teaching hospital, and a center dedicated to state-of-the art medicine—making it ideally suited to students hoping to enter the medical profession.

Simulation Lab

Advanced Medical Center

Nara Campus

Home to the Faculty of Agriculture, Nara Campus is set in a quiet, nature-rich locale with convenient access from neighboring cities. Full-scale greenhouses and fields are among the facilities that make this an ideal place to study agriculture.


No. 2 Joint Research Building

Wakayama Campus

Wakayama Campus is where the Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology is based. The newest addition to this campus is a state-of-the art medical engineering center that also serves as a base for collaborative industry-academia projects.

Advanced Medical Engineering Center

Student Community Hall

Hiroshima Campus

Hiroshima Campus is home to the Faculty of Engineering. Along with a sports ground and a baseball field, this vast campus boasts a full suite of study and research facilities, including an experimental house for R&D into eco-friendly housing.

Information Education Center

Next-Generation Elemental Technology Research Center

Fukuoka Campus

As home to the Faculty of Humanity-Oriented Science and Technology, Fukuoka Campus has facilities for studying the sciences and the humanities. A large-scale device for conducting seismic engineering experiments is among the cutting-edge scientific research equipment used here.

Earthquake resistance testing device

Engineering Workshop