Founding Facts

Kindai University was founded in 1949 with the merger of Osaka Technical College (founded in 1925) and Osaka Science and Engineering University (established in 1943). Kindai University is now one of western Japan’s largest universities. Nowadays, the university is comprised of 14 faculties with 48 departments, 11 graduate schools, a graduate law school, 17 research facilities, two junior colleges, 18 associated primary and secondary schools, and two teaching hospitals. The university continuously expands its educational programs and facilities to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing society.

Koichi Seko

Koichi Seko
Kindai University's Founder and Inaugural President

Founding Principles

‘Learning for the real world’ and ‘nurturing intellectual and emotional intelligence’

Educational Goal

To develop caring, trustworthy, and respectable people

Our Name

In April 2016, the official English name of the university was changed from Kinki University to Kindai University. Our new name combines the kin from Kinki and the dai from daigaku (“university”). Kinki is the region of western Japan where the university is located; it covers seven prefectures and encompasses the cities of Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, Wakayama, and Nara. Along with the name change, we also launched the Faculty of International Studies as part of our effort to broaden our global profile.

Our Logo

The Kindai University logo represents the flower of the Japanese plum tree, the first flower to blossom after Japan’s long, cold winter. The flower’s five petals resemble both the shape of a person and the Japanese kanji character 大 (dai). Dai means big and is also the first character in the Japanese word for university, 大学 (daigaku). There is a small gap in one of the petals indicating that the university’s goals are not yet fully realized, and there is still potential for improvement and development.

Our Logo