Message from the President

Founded on the principles of “learning for the real world” and “nurturing intellectual and emotional intelligence”, Kindai University aims to develop graduates who are “caring, trustworthy, and respectable”. The university, established in 1949, has its roots in the Osaka Technical College founded in 1925 and the Osaka Science and Engineering University established in 1943. Embracing the philosophy of our founder, Koichi Seko - instilling teachings in those that yearn to learn - Kindai University has evolved into a comprehensive institution offering a wide range of fields, from medicine to arts. In recent years, the university has continued to adapt to societal changes, opening the Faculty of International Studies in 2016 and the Faculty of Informatics in 2022. Our mission is to foster individuals with intellectual and emotional intelligence and high aspirations who will support society through the cultivation of a spirited challenge, creativity, social engagement, and lifelong self-directed learning. Additionally, we are committed to conducting high-quality research grounded in practical education and returning its benefits to society.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, university education has significantly been transformed. Alongside traditional in-person classes, online and on-demand courses have been widely adopted. In 2021, the University opened the KINDAI Creative Studio (KICS) on the Higashi Osaka campus, a studio equipped with sound and video processing facilities, enabling the production of high-quality on-demand course materials. We aim to actively pursue innovative education, incorporating the latest ICT technologies to offer novel forms of learning for the next generation.

As part of our commitment to practical education and talent development, Kindai University has set a goal to create 100 university-launched ventures by 2025. To support this initiative, we introduced the Kindai University Venture Entrepreneurship Support Program “KINCUBA”. As a base for promoting this program, October 2022 saw the establishment of the “KINCUBA Basecamp”, an incubation facility on our Higashiosaka campus. This facility serves as a hub where students and faculty with entrepreneurial mindsets can freely interact and discuss, providing support for entrepreneurship at stages ranging from fostering an entrepreneurial mindset to the establishment of a corporation. In 2023, we launched the “Transdisciplinary Graduate School of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship” for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, providing education on entrepreneurship that transcends traditional academic disciplines.

As we approach our centennial in 2025, Kindai University remains dedicated to providing distinctive education and research activities based on our founding principles and educational objectives. Our action guidelines are to be “always innovative”, “useful to society”, and “supported and encouraged by the community”. We aspire to continue being a chosen educational institution responsive to the changing times, as outlined in our “Kindai University Long-Term Vision 2030”. Despite the challenging environment for educational institutions, including universities, due to the declining population of 18-year-olds, our staff is united in our commitment to progress as a comprehensive university that continues to be future-oriented and essential to society.


President of Kindai University