Academic Calendar


April 1( Sat.) Start of academic year/Entrance ceremony
April 3( Mon.) – 5( Wed.) New student orientation
April 6( Thurs.) Start of first semester
August 4( Fri.) End of first semester
August 5( Sat.) –
September 13( Wed.)
Summer break
September 14( Thurs.) Start of second semester
Early November School festival
November 5( Sun.) Foundation day
December 25( Mon.) End of classes
December 26( Tue.) –
January 9( Tue.)
Winter break
January 10( Wed.) Restart of classes
March 19( Tue.) Completion ceremony(graduate schools)
March 23( Sat.) Graduation ceremony(undergraduate)
March 31( Sun.) End of academic year

※ The calendar above is applicable to Higashiosaka campus.