Academic Calendar


April 1( Thurs.) Start of academic year
April 2( Fri.) New student orientation
April 3( Sat.) Entrance ceremony
April 5( Mon.) – 6( Tue.) New student orientation
April 7( Wed.) Start of first semester
August 6( Fri.) End of first semester
August 7( Sat.) –
September 11( Sat.)
Summer break
September 13( Mon.) Start of second semester
Early November School festival
November 5( Fri.) Foundation day
December 25( Sat.) End of classes
December 27( Mon.) –
January 7( Fri.)
Winter break
January 8( Sat.) Restart of classes
March 17( Thurs.) Completion ceremony( graduate schools( and law school))
March 19( Sat.) Graduation ceremony( undergraduate)
March 31( Thurs.) End of academic year

※ The calendar above is applicable to Higashiosaka campus.