Educational Philosophy and Goal

KINDAI UNIVERSITY's Founding Principles and Educational Goal

KINDAI UNIVERSITY was founded on the principles of "learning for the real world" and "nurturing intellectual and emotional intelligence," and our educational goal is to develop students into caring and trustworthy individuals who can garner respect. Based on these founding principles and this educational goal, we are committed to sending forth into society graduates who have initiative and a solid educational foundation in both the sciences and Liberal Arts. Following their short stint at KINDAI UNIVERSITY, these same graduates will be equipped to contribute to the development of knowledge with real-world relevance. Each undergraduate program, graduate school, and affiliated school has a unique curriculum in line with its specific student development goals and a fully-qualified faculty providing quality education. Our wish is for students to honor our founding principles and educational goals, to build positive relationships with teachers and fellow students, to be moved by the beauty that surrounds us, to acquire a rich education including specialized knowledge, to discover their individual talents, and finally to plan a fulfilling future for themselves.

Educational Philosophy and Goal of Faculty of Science and Engineering

According to its educational philosophy and goal, the Faculty of Science and Engineering seeks to develop students into well educated and creative individuals who take a disciplined approach to their studies, can think for themselves, and who can proactively take on challenges to solve problems. To this end, in the first-year Basic Seminar classes, teachers train students to acquire the essential ability to think independently and to develop an inquisitive nature that will enhance their problem solving skills. These classes are not simply one-way lectures; students are given specific tasks and are made to report on what they have learned and researched. These classes integrate knowledge acquisition along with training, developing the student-participants to become well-rounded members of society.

Seven Departments that Meet Society's Needs

Based on the spirit of "learning for the real world," the Faculty of Science and Engineering aims to develop students into individuals who can play an active role in society. These students acquire a solid base of learning and skills, which allows them to use their own personal perspective to solve issues in today's society.

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