Educational Philosophy and Goal

Educational Philosophy

Through education and research in advanced science and technology, we contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of peace and welfare within every layer of society.

Student Development Goal

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering Research aims to develop students into individuals who have acquired broad-based knowledge and the scientific skills needed to accomplish tasks requiring a high level of expertise. Those seeking a career in research will be equipped with the requisite skills and abilities to conduct that research independently. Those seeking to be engineers will learn how to act as leaders, responsible for managing and pushing forward high-level technical developmental projects. Regardless of their intended career paths, all students will gain an awareness of their social responsibilities while acquiring presentation and communication skills with a global mindset.

Educational Goal

The educational goal of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering Research is to construct a better future for humanity through "limitless creativity with limited resources." To this end, our research and education puts humanity at the center of all of our disciplines, ranging from science to engineering and covering everything from the human environment to the global environment.
Specifically, we conduct advanced specialized research at various levels ranging from the theoretical to the applied. Our goal is to foster researchers and highly professional specialists who are not limited to a narrow area of expertise, but instead, those who have a broad perspective and can think flexibly.

Seven Unique Degrees that Contribute to the Creation of Knowledge and the Development of Industry and Welfare

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering Research develops students into individuals who are future-oriented, who can investigate and challenge that which is unknown, and who can create new technologies. The school produces researchers who pioneer groundbreaking areas and people who can pass on their research accomplishments for the benefit of future generations.

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