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Citrus Fruit

Exploring the Medicinal Benefits of Citrus Fruit

With two experimental farms, one in Yuasa and another in Oishi, the Faculty of Agriculture is making fruitful advances in horticulture. The farm in Yuasa, for example, is involved in the research and cultivation of fruit. It produces Kindai-brand mikan oranges and owns an orchard, where original citrus fruit species are preserved. The Yuasa Farm’s research into tropical fruits has led to its successful development of a new breed of mango called Aikoh.

The Faculty of Agriculture and its farms were also part of a project team for researching and developing the medicinal benefits of citrus fruits. Also on the team were the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology, and the Research Institute of Oriental Medicine. In 2004, that team was the basis for establishing a spin-off company, A-Pharma Kindai Co., Ltd.

A-Pharma Kindai focuses on developing nutritional supplements from natural medicinal resources. Its findings that young green mikan oranges contain a large amount of a polyphenol known as hesperidin have led to the company successfully bringing hesperidin to market as a nutritional supplement.