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Nuclear Energy

Pursuing a Better Understanding of Nuclear Energy and Its Safe Utilization

Established in 1960 for atomic energy research and education, Kindai University’s Atomic Energy Research Institute owns one of the only two university-operated reactors in Japan. This extremely safe reactor is used for training, for joint research with other universities and overseas engineers, and for study tours by educators and high school students. The institute also allows tours by the general public. Through practical hands-on education, it aims to foster atomic energy specialists and to raise the general public’s awareness of atomic energy.

The institute also works to promote the safe use of nuclear energy. In 2005, it established A-Atom Technol Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Chiyoda Technol Corporation, a Tokyo-based company that develops and sells radiation measurement devices and medical equipment. A-Atom Technol measures and analyzes the radiation, chemical components, and bacteria in test samples as well as investigates and consults in the medical, health, environmental, and energy-related fields.