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Hydroxyapatite Film

Ultra-Thin Flexible Hydroxyapatite Film: Kindai University Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology

A research team led by Professor Shigeki Hontsu from Kindai University’s Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology and a team from Osaka Dental University have succeeded in developing an ultra-thin, biocompatible film made from hydroxyapatite. Typically, apatite ceramics resist bending, but the hydroxyapatite film developed by Professor Hontsu’s team in 2007 is the first of its kind in the world. Due to its ultra-thinness and flexibility, this film has many potential applications in the field of dentistry, such as preventing cavities and restoring the surface enamel of teeth. Professor Hontsu and his research team have applied for a patent for the film’s dental applications. The team and pharmaceutical firms are currently undertaking further research, working on commercial applications for this development.