Job Search and Career Paths

Support for Finding Employment

The Career Center, the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the departments join forces to support students in their job searches.

  1. Students are offered support in finding an ideal job upon entering the university.
  2. Employment information is provided online in real time for each department.
  3. Detailed career guidance is given via small lab study groups.
  4. Students can take advantage of a strong alumni network and collaborations with companies and industry groups.

Career Center

Assisting with Career Development and Job Searches

The KINDAI UNIVERSITY Career Center offers assistance to students who start to search for a job of their dreams. Students can freely browse job vacancy information and employment guidance reference materials. They can also consult career counselors on their career options and other job-related topics in special counseling rooms. PCs provide access to the UNIVERSAL PASSPORT online service, which enables students to search through a database of 55,000 company information files. The Career Center is for use by all students, starting from their first year.

Career Center