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Graduation year Number of graduates
Working Place
2008 5(1/4) National hospital, Public hospital, Health care center, Social welfare office, Fertility clinic
2009 4(1/3) Genetic testing company, Public hospital, Fertility clinic, Cancer center hospital
2010 4(2/2) Public hospital, Fertility clinic, University hospital, General hospital
2011 3(0/2) National university hospital, Public hospital, Fertility clinic
2012 4(2/2) National hospital, Fertility clinic, Genetic testing company, High school
2013 3(1/2) Medical university, National university hospital, Cancer center hospital
2014 5(2/3) National center hospital, National cancer center hospital, Public hospital
2015 3(1/2) National university hospital, University hospital, Genetic testing company
2016 4(0/4) National research center, Public hospital, University hospital, Maternity clinic
2017 5(2/3) University hospital, Maternity clinic, Fertility clinic