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Every student in the program is expected to become a genetic counselor with following knowledge and skills;

In addition to the above requirement, the graduate school requires thesis work. The students are required to choose the subject of research for the thesis from the four fields of the Department of Life Science and to be supervised by the full-time professors of the program.

Required Subjects

Counseling Skills

Genetic Counseling

Psychosocial Issues in Genetic Counseling

Ethical Issues in Medical Genetics

Human Genetics

Laboratory training in human genetics

Clinical Genetics

Elective Subjects

Developmental and
Reproductive Biology
2 credits
Cellular Physiology 2 credits
Introduction of
Internal Medicine
1 credits
Molecular Neurobiology 2 credits
Environmental Genetics 2 credits
Pathology 2 credits
Environmental Biology 2 credits
Biochemistry 2 credits
Molecular Neurology 2 credits
Protein Science 2 credits