Faculty Department of Agricultural Science / Graduate School of Agriculture

Education and Career

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Apr. 2023 - Today , Kindai University Faculty of Agriculture 教授
  • Apr. 2017 - Mar. 2023 , Kindai University Faculty of Agriculture 准教授
  • 2010 - Mar. 2016 , Kindai University Faculty of Agriculture 講師

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Environmental science/Agricultural science, Crop production science

Research Interests

電子顕微鏡, 植物, ストレス, 活性酸素, 作物学

Published Papers

  1. Regulation of reactive oxygen species and phytohormones in osmotic stress tolerance during seed germination in indica rice
    Kawaguchi R; Suriyasak C; Matsumoto R; Sawada Y; Sakai Y; Hamaoka N; Sasaki K; Yamane K; Kato Y; Bailly C; Ishibashi Y
    Frontiers in Plant Science  14  13, Jun. 2023  , Refereed
  2. Root pruning is effective in alleviating the inhibition of soybean growth caused by anaerobic stress for a short period
    Yamane K; Mariyama M; Hirooka Y; Iijima M
    Journal of Integrative Agriculture  22  (4)  , 1035-1044, Apr. 2023  , Refereed
  3. Effects of different application methods of spent coffee grounds on weed growth
    Hirooka Y; Kurashige S; Yamane K; Kakiuchi M; Miyagawa T; Iwai K; Iijima M
    Weed Technology  36  (5)  , 692-699, Oct. 2022  , Refereed


Books etc

  1. バイオスティミュラントハンドブック : 植物の生理活性プロセスから資材開発、適用事例まで , 日本バイオスティミュラント協議会; 山内, 靖雄; 須藤, 修; 和田, 哲夫 , 第1編 第2章 第6節 , 第1編 第2章 第6節 , エヌ・ティー・エス , Apr. 2022

Conference Activities & Talks

  1. 塩ストレス下におけるイネ葉肉細胞内のオルガネラ間の協調関係と耐塩性との関係 , 山根 浩二; 大井 崇生; 谷口 光隆 , 第253回日本作物学会講演会 , 28, Mar. 2022
  2. ウルトラファインバブル灌漑によるコーヒーの土壌乾燥ストレス緩和 , 元村 真歩; 廣岡 義博; 山根 浩二; 坂田 衛星; 飯嶋 盛雄 , 第253回日本作物学会講演会 , 27, Mar. 2022
  3. The effect of ultra-fine bubble on soybean growth under osmotic stress condition , Yamashita K; Hirooka Y; Ueda Y; Yamane K; Kamimura C; Iijima M , 10th Asian Crop Science Association Conference , Sep. 2021



  1. Effects of salinity stress on the intracellular arrangement and three-dimensional structure of chloroplasts in the rice mesophyll cells , Takao Oi; Koji Yamane; Mitsutaka Taniguchi , JOURNAL OF THE JAPANESE SOCIETY OF PHOTOSYNTHESIS RESEARCH , 31 , 1 , 4 , 13 , Apr. 2021
  2. Anatomy of rice mesophyll cells and their chloroplasts based on the three-dimensional reconstruction method using FIB-SEM , Oi T; Yamane K; Taniguchi M , Plant Morphology , 32 , 1 , 19 , 25 , Sep. 2020
    Summary:<p>To observe internal structures, specimens need to be sliced into thin sections. Sectional images only provide two-dimensional (2D) data. However, the stacking of micrographs of serial sections provides three-dimensional (3D) volume data. In this review, we introduce the 3D reconstruction method using a focused ion beam scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM) that provides multiple serial sections automatically and accurately. We examined rice leaves with FIB-SEM and reconstructed 3D models for whole mesophyll cells, revealing their intricate cell shape and intracellular distribution of chloroplasts. The 3D models enable us to quantitatively analyse volume and surface area, which are difficult to estimate based on 2D sections. This review emphasises the importance of the 3D anatomy that comprehensively captures the objects, compared to 2D observations of sections that are only parts of the object.</p>
  3. 塩ストレス下におけるイネ葉の葉緑体の三次元構造解析~FIB-SEM微細構造解析でイネ生育阻害要因を探る~ , NanotechJapan Bulletin , 11 , 4 , 1 , 8 , Oct. 2018


Awards & Honors

  1. Mar. 2024, 日本作物学会, 第21回日本作物学会論文賞
  2. Mar. 2020, 日本作物学会, 第17回日本作物学会論文賞
  3. Mar. 2017, 文部科学省ナノテクプラットフォーム, 文部科学省ナノテクプラットフォーム平成29年度秀でた利用成果


Research Grants & Projects

  1. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), 維管束鞘細胞と維管束柔細胞によるNa+排出・蓄積能力と耐塩性との関連性の解明 , Kindai University
  2. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research (B)), 半乾燥地における水環境変動を克服しうる混作農法の創出 , Kindai University
  3. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), Search for new genetic resources for direct seeding of rice and tolerance mechanisms of submergence and drought during the emergence stage , The University of Tokyo