OGATA Fumihiko

OGATA Fumihiko
Associate Professor
Faculty Department of Pharmacy / Graduate School of Medicine

Education and Career

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Apr. 2021 - Today , 近畿大学付属高等学校・中学校 学校薬剤師
  • Apr. 2021 - Today , Kindai University Faculty of Pharmacy Associate Professor
  • Apr. 2015 - Mar. 2021 , Kindai University Faculty of Pharmacy 講師
  • Nov. 2019 - Oct. 2020 , Chiang Mai University (Thailand) Faculty of Pharmacy Visiting Researcher
  • Apr. 2010 - Mar. 2015 , Kindai University Faculty of Pharmacy 助教
  • Apr. 2007 - Mar. 2010 , 近畿大学大学院薬学研究科薬学専攻博士後期課程
  • Apr. 2005 - Mar. 2007 , 近畿大学大学院薬学研究科薬学専攻博士前期課程
  • - Mar. 2005 , Kindai University Faculty of Pharmacy

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Environmental science/Agricultural science, Environmental materials/recycling technology
  • Environmental science/Agricultural science, Environmental load reduction/restoration technology

Research Interests

環境技術, リン, リン酸, ベーマイト, リサイクル技術

Published Papers

  1. Phosphate recovery from aqueous phase using novel zirconium-based adsorbent
    Yugo Uematsu; Fumihiko Ogata; Riko Okamoto; Mineaki Kabayama; Naohito Kawasaki
    Heliyon  10  (8)  , e29649-e29649, Apr. 2024 
  2. Effect of Concomitant Drugs on Sodium Zirconium Cyclosilicate Hydrate in Artificial Intestinal Juice.
    Yuri Mizuno; Fumihiko Ogata; Yugo Uematsu; Naohito Kawasaki
    Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin  72  (3)  , 286-293, 2024 
  3. Design of an Oral Tablet Containing Furosemide Nanoparticles with Elevated Bioavailability.
    Noriaki Nagai; Fumihiko Ogata; Reita Kadowaki; Saori Deguchi; Hiroko Otake; Yosuke Nakazawa; Manju Misra; Naohito Kawasaki
    Journal of oleo science  73  (4)  , 563-571, 2024 


Books etc

  1. コンパス衛生薬学 : 健康と環境 , 鍛冶, 利幸; 佐藤, 雅彦 , 南江堂 , Apr. 2020
  2. 衛生薬学演習 (京都廣川”パザパ”薬学演習シリーズ) , 川﨑直人; 緒方文彦 , 京都廣川書店 , 1, Aug. 2018
  3. 最新公衆衛生学 第6版 , 緒方文彦 , 第9章 人と生態系 , 第9章 人と生態系 , 廣川書店 , Mar. 2018


Conference Activities & Talks

  1. 琵琶湖における造粒ベーマイトを用いたリン酸吸着能 , 緒方 文彦; 冨永壽人; 藪谷仁志; 川﨑 直人; 樺山峰明; 和田桂子 , Mar. 2011
  2. 大学生の肥満と朝食欠食およびやせ志向との関連性に関する研究 , 川﨑 直人; 緒方 文彦; 冨永壽人; 木下 充弘; 掛樋 一晃; 佐川和則 , Mar. 2011
  3. 大学生の朝食欠食と体格誤認に関する実態調査 , 冨永壽人; 緒方 文彦; 掛樋 一晃; 木下 充弘; 川﨑 直人; 佐川和則 , Mar. 2011



  1. Adsorption Rate of Aromatic Hydrocarbons onto Activated Carbon in Gaseous Phase , KAWASAKI Naohito; YAMASHIRO Kaito; OGATA Fumihiko; NAKAMURA Takehiro , Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology , 49.1 , P-131 , 2022
    Summary:Recently, air pollution due to volatile organic compounds has increased. It is suggested that these diffused chemical substance cause chemical substances allergies. As a result, many people have gotten the sick building syndrome due to aromatic hydrocarbons. The adsorption characterization of aromatic hydrocarbons onto activated carbon was investigated using the flow method. The removal efficiency of aromatic hydrocarbons in the gaseous phase was estimated based on the adsorption kinetic constants and the saturated amount adsorbed of aromatic hydrocarbons on the activated carbon. The saturated amount of benzene and toluene adsorbed was greater than that of xylene adsorbed because the molecular sizes of benzene and toluene are smaller than that of xylene. This result indicated that the aromatic hydrocarbons adsorbed to the pore in activated carbon, because the activated carbon has the hydrophobic surface and pore. Generally speaking, the adsorption rate in gaseous phase depends upon the surface polarity and porosity of adsorbent. The amount adsorbed of aromatic hydrocarbons onto the activated carbon with the elapsed time was measured. The adsorption kinetic constant increased in the order of xylene, toluene, and benzene. Those of the three xylene isomers were similar. These results indicated that the adsorption rate of benzene by the activated carbon was the fastest and the kinetic constant depended upon the different between the boiling point and the melting point and the molecular size of the aromatic hydrocarbons.
  2. Novel applications of used tea leaves that contribute to reduction of environmental toxicity , NAKAMURA Takehiro; FUJIMOTO Tsukine; OGATA Fumihiko; KAWASAKI Naohito , Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology , 49.1 , P-19E , 2022
    Summary:Environmental problems related to water pollution are also included in the SDGs as issue to be solved all over the world. Certain regions in India have reported the harmful impacts of arsenic contamination in groundwater and other water supplies on human health. Numerous industries rely on dyes to color our clothing, food, and houses, and even small amounts of dye wastewater can lead to specific types of water pollution. Wastewater regulations are not stringently enforced, thus, resulting in disorganized wastewater treatment, which leads to dye pollution of lakes or rivers. Currently, expensive and highly sophisticated equipment are used to reduce the toxicity of these contaminants, but do not address the problems mentioned above. This study aimed to explore and verify the practical feasibility of a method that involves the use of tea leaves as an adsorbent for easy implementation in terms of treatment costs, application environments, and technologies. Used tea leaves were prepared from the 21 most consumed varieties of tea worldwide. The leaves were used as an adsorbent. For the adsorbates, 1 anionic dye and 4 cationic dyes were used for dyes and 6 toxic metals. Dye and metal concentrations were analyzed. Many tea varieties displayed suitability for adsorption, with high adsorption capacities observed for cationic dyes and 3 metals. The physicochemical characterization and adsorption parameters were examined and practical knowledge for predicting adsorption mechanisms was obtained. This presentation will explain the results of detailed data analyses and describe further experiments for practical application.
  3. 特集 専門医必携 新外科手術書-新しい手術手技のエッセンス IV. 大腸 6.腹腔鏡下側方郭清の定型的手術手技 , 藤田 文彦; 大地 貴史; 合志 健一; 吉田 武史; 溝部 智亮; 中根 浩幸; 緒方 傑; 福田 純也; 藤吉 健司; 赤木 由人 , 外科 , 83 , 5 , 513 , 518 , 10, Apr. 2021



  1. 粒子状リン吸着材およびその製造方法 , 戸田徳, 大谷昌司, 川﨑直人, 緒方文彦
  2. 漆喰材料、漆喰材料を用いた吸着材、吸着材を使用した汚染水及び固体状汚染物の浄化方法、該吸着材を使用した処分施設 , 森村毅, 多賀淳, 緒方文彦, 石渡俊二, 佐藤陽一

Awards & Honors

  1. Jan. 2021, 日本薬学会, Featured Article
  2. Oct. 2020, 第79回日本公衆衛生学会総会, ポスター賞
  3. Jun. 2020, 日本毒性学会, 水系環境中からの有害物質の除去能と毒性発現防止に関する研究


Research Grants & Projects

  1. 公益財団法⼈ 池⾕科学技術振興財団, 単年度研究助成, 層状複⽔酸化物による吸着処理を基盤としたレアメタルの回収技術の開発
  2. 日本学術振興会, 科学研究費助成事業 基盤研究(C), 循環型社会の構築を目指した廃棄物バイオマスによる水質浄化技術の開発 , 近畿大学薬学部
  3. 一般財団法人 向科学技術振興財団, 令和2年度 研究助成, 植物バイオマスを基材とした吸着処理を基盤とする水質浄化技術の開発