IKEDA Hiroko

IKEDA Hiroko
Research associate
Faculty Department of Life Science

Education and Career


  • 2006/04 - 2010/03 , Kindai University, Faculty of Science and Engineering,
  • 2010/04 - 2012/03 , Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine, 医学系研究科,
  • 2012/04 - 2017/03 , Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine, 医学系研究科,

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Apr. 2020 - Today , Kindai University Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Life Science Assistant professor
  • Apr. 2017 - Mar. 2020 , Gunma University Initiative for Advanced Research International Open Laboratory (Dr. Held lab, Harvard Medical School / MGH) Postdoctoral researcher

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Environmental science/Agricultural science, Environmental effects of radiation
  • Life sciences, Radiology

Research Interests

Cell biology, Bystander effect, Radiation biology

Published Papers

  1. Regulation of cellular responses to X-ray irradiation through the activation of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) receptor-3 (LPA3) and LPA2 in osteosarcoma cells
    Hiroko Ikeda; Miwa Takai; Narumi Yashiro; Yuka Amano; Koki Hara; Mao Yamamoto; Toshifumi Tsujiuchi
    Pathology - Research and Practice  257  , 155293-155293, May. 2024  , Refereed
  2. ATR signaling controls the bystander responses of human chondrosarcoma cells by promoting RAD51-dependent DNA repair
    Nho Cong Luong; Hidemasa Kawamura; Hiroko Ikeda; Reiko T. Roppongi; Atsushi Shibata; Jiaxuan Hu; Jinmeng G. Jiang; David S. Yu; Kathryn D. Held
    International Journal of Radiation Biology  , 1-12, Mar. 2024  , Refereed
  3. Lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) receptor-mediated signaling and cellular responses to anticancer drugs and radiation of cancer cells
    Hiroko Ikeda; Miwa Takai; Toshifumi Tsujiuchi
    Advances in Biological Regulation  92  , 101029-101029, Feb. 2024  , Refereed


Books etc

  1. 臨床放射線生物学の基礎 , Joiner, Michael; Kogel, Albert van der; 安藤, 興一; 高橋, 昭久; 中野, 隆史; 古澤, 佳也; 放射線医療国際協力推進機構 , 第24章 正常組織反応の生物学的応答修復:基本原理と落とし穴 , 第24章 正常組織反応の生物学的応答修復:基本原理と落とし穴 , 放射線医療国際協力推進機構 , Dec. 2022

Conference Activities & Talks

  1. Differential gene expression in human fibroblasts using a Simulator of the environments on the Moon and Mars with Neutron-irradiation and Gravity change (SwiNG) , Polina Malatesta; Konstantinos Kyriakidis; Megumi Hada; Hiroko Ikeda; Akihisa Takahashi; Premkumar Saganti; Alexandros Georgakilas; Ioannis Michalopoulos , ISRN2024 , Mar. 2024
  2. Effects of fractionated X-ray Irradiation on acquired radiation resistance and maintenance of osteosarcoma cells , 池田裕子 , 第82回日本癌学会学術総会 , Sep. 2023
  3. DIFFERENTIAL GENE EXPRESSION IN HUMAN FIBROBLASTS SIMULTANEOUSLY EXPOSED TORADIATION AND SIMULATED MICROGRAVITY , P. Malatesta; H. Ikeda; A. Takahashi; M. Hada; A. G. Georgakilas; I. Michalopoulos , 2023 NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop , Feb. 2023



  1. 宇宙放射線と重力変化環境の複合影響 , 高橋 昭久; 池田 裕子; 吉田 由香里 , 生体の科学 , 69 , 2 , 152 , 156 , 2018
  2. Analysis of Gamma-ray Induced Bystander Effect between Human Lung Normal and Cancer Cells , Ikeda H; Yokota Y; Funayama T; Takahashi A; Kanai T; Nakano T; Kobayashi Y , QST Takasaki Annual Report 2015 , 111 , 2016
  3. 放射線の効果を細胞から細胞へ伝えるバイスタンダー効果の特徴-鍵を握るのは一酸化窒素- , 横田裕一郎; 舟山知夫; 池田裕子; 小林泰彦 , Isotope News , 741 , 21 , 25 , 2016

Awards & Honors

  1. Sep. 2017, Japanese Society for Biological Sciences in Space, Young Investigator Award
  2. Nov. 2012, Atomic Energy Society of Japan, Kanto-Koetsu Branch (11th Young Researcher’s Presentation and Discussion Meeting), Award for Emerging Technology

Research Grants & Projects

  1. 日本学術振興会, 科学研究費助成事業, LPA受容体シグナルを介するがん細胞の抗がん剤・放射線感受性調節機構の解明 , 近畿大学
  2. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists, Mechanism elucidation of bystander effects focusing on DNA repair in radioresistant chondrosarcoma cells , Kindai University
  3. 群馬大学, 平成29年度女性研究者研究助成, 細胞周期分布と修復動態に着目した放射線誘発バイスタンダー効果の解析