Western Japan's Largest Comprehensive University Offering the Most Advanced Practical Education


National Ranking: 1
A Highly Innovative University

Kindai University responds to the current generation's needs with a variety of reformation work, such as setting up new faculties. As well as Japan's first architecture faculty, in 2016 Kindai set up their 14th faculty; the Faculty of International Studies. The Faculty of International Studies, in conjunction with Berlitz Corporation, offers students the opportunity to learn languages in over 70 countries and regions around the globe. Berlitz Corporation brings its experience in teaching countless businesspeople, to provide students with a global education.
We are also working towards our 2020 goal of reforming the Higashi Osaka Campus through our large-scale construction works. As a part of these works, in April 2017 we opened our new groundbreaking library facilities inside the new iconic building, our "Academic Theater", can be found four "fields"; our "International Field", a place for our global services, the "Knowledge Field" with 24-hour study rooms, the "Open Career Field" which is home to Academia-Industry collaborations and career support services, and the "Amenity Field", which is a place for students and teachers to interact. It will be a campus to be proud of, providing an environment that is at the forefront of education and research in Japan.

Private Universities in Western Japan Ranking: 1
University Conducting High-level Research

Kindai University boasts a diverse range of faculties - 14 in total - offering both science and humanities-based courses, based on the founding principle of "Practical education". Putting to use the strengths of experts gathered from a range of fields, we promote cutting-edge research which leads to solutions to modern-day societal issues; the results of much of our research has been put to practical use in a variety of ways.
Through 32 years of research, we successively bred Bluefin Tuna, a program which has become a symbol our university. We have also put efforts into developing unique agricultural goods, such as a new mango breed, the "aikou" - which was a Japan first.
And furthermore, we have developed bio-corks, a next generation fuel source derived from coffee and tea waste. We utilize a variety of skills and the ideas of students to create new products, and also enthusiastically cooperate with private enterprises on joint research projects.

• All students of the Faculty of International Studies partake in 1 year of overseas exchange study after their first year
After the first year of studies, students of both the Global Studies major and East Asian Studies major undertake studies overseas on exchange for a period of one year. For the 6 months prior to studying overseas students study foreign languages intensively, and participate in the likes of exchange seminars, we put great efforts in to preparations for students, in order for their overseas studies to be rewarding.
• "Academic Theater" - taking Kindai University beyond the possibilities of the past Academic Theater was opened at our Higashi Osaka Campus in April 2017. It includes facilities such as 24-hour study rooms (to which reservations can be made over smartphone), and a brand new library space with over 70 thousand books, including 22 thousand manga titles. On top of those areas, there's the Japan first integration of the cafés "ALL DAY COFFEE" and "CNN cafe". Academic Theater is an educational space designed to go beyond just humanities or sciences; it is an establishment for seeking solutions to societal issues and where Kindai University's practical education is transmitted from.

Main Ranking Data
*Number of people to pass "qualified architect of the first class" test, 2016 - 5th nationally
* Universities that are able to acquire various qualifications - 1st place among private universities in western Japan
* Universities that have "pioneer" faculties. - 1st place among private universities in western Japan
* Universities with high rates of students finding employment in local companies or local governments - 1st place among private universities in western Japan
* Universities whose reputations have improved over the last 20 years - 3rd nationally
* Universities which actively seek partnerships with companies or local governments - 5th nationally

Faculty / Course Information
• Faculty of Law / Legal Studies
• Faculty of Economics / Economics, International Economics, Public Management
• Faculty of Business Administration / Business Administration, Accounting, Career Management
• Faculty of Science and Engineering / Physics, Life Sciences, Applied Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Electric and Electronic Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Informatics
• Faculty of Architecture / Architecture
• Faculty of Pharmacy / Pharmacy (six-year program), Pharmaceutical Science (four-year program)
• Faculty of Literature, Arts and Cultural Studies / Literature, Arts, Cultural and Historical Studies, Cultural Design
• Faculty of International Studies / International Studies
• Faculty of Applied Sociology / Applied Sociology
• Faculty of Agriculture / Agricultural Science, Fisheries, Applied Biological Chemistry, Food Science and Nutrition, Environmental Management, Advanced Bioscience
• Faculty of Medicine / Medicine
• Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology / Biotechnological Science, Genetic Engineering, Science and Technology on Food Safety, Computational Systems Biology, Human Factors Engineering and Environmental Design, Biomedical Engineering
• Faculty of Engineering / Biotechnology and Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Informatics, Architecture
• Faculty of Humanity-Oriented Science and Engineering / Biological and Environmental Chemistry, Electric and Electronical Engineering, Architecture and Design, Information and Computer Science, Management and Business

Ranking of the Most Innovative Universities

Rank Type Name of University Location Scores
1 Kindai University Osaka 348
2 Ritsumeikan University Kyoto 271
3 * The University of Tokyo Tokyo 200
4 Toyo University Tokyo 175
5 * Tohoku University Miyagi 141
6 * Kyoto University Kyoto 138
7 Waseda University Tokyo 124
8 Meiji University Tokyo 99
9 Hosei University Tokyo 86
10 * Hiroshima University Hiroshima 70
11 * Osaka University Osaka 64
12 * Chiba University Chiba 55
13 Rikkyo University Tokyo 46
14 * Kyushu University Fukuoka 43
15 Akita International University Akita 41
16 * University of Tsukuba Ibaraki 29
Chiba Institute of Technology Chiba 29
18 Nihon University Tokyo 28
19 * Okayama University Okayama 27
20 * Yamagata University Yamagata 26
Sophia University Tokyo 26
Kanazawa Institute of Technology Ishikawa 26
23 Tokyo Metropolitan University Tokyo 25
Keio University Tokyo 25
25 * Niigata University Niigata 22
26 * Ibaraki University Ibaraki 20
27 Doshisha University Kyoto 18
Kansai University Osaka 18
29 * Yokohama National University Kanagawa 17
30 * Kyushu Institute of Technology Fukuoka 16
Chukyo University Aichi 16
32 * Kobe University Hyogo 15
33 * Hokkaido University Hokaido 13
* Kanazawa University Ishikawa 13
Kwansei Gakuin University Hyogo 13
Fukuoka Institute of Technology Fukuoka 13
37 * Kagawa University Kagawa 12
* Saga University Saga 12
Aoyama Gakuin University Tokyo 12
40 * Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo 11
Musashino University Tokyo 11
42 * Ochanomizu University Tokyo 10
J.F. Oberlin University Tokyo 10
Tokyo Denki University Tokyo 10
Ryukoku University Kyoto 10
46 Chuo University Tokyo 9
Osaka Institute of Technology Osaka 9
48 * Nagoya University Aichi 8
International Christian University Tokyo 8
Meijo University Aichi 8
Kyoto Sangyo University Kyoto 8
Otemon Gakuin University Osaka 8
◎:Private University
◉:Local public university
*:National University