Message from the Dean

Fostering “Human resources with true power as university students” and “Human resources that contribute to regional vitalization”

At the foundation of Kindai University, two principle missions were set: “to provide education relevant to the real world” and “to cultivate personality of student through studies”. Since then, our educational philosophy aims at fostering “person who is loved by many,” “person who gains trust,” and “person who is respected” through research and education. Kindai University is comprised of 14 faculties and 48 departments. One of the characteristics of our university is that our graduates of each faculties and departments play active roles in a wide variety of fields with a particular emphasis on the industry.

The Faculty of Engineering was founded in Kure City in 1959, comprising of the Department of Industrial Chemistry (currently the Department of Biotechnology and Chemistry) and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Then the establishment of the Department of Management in 1961 and the Department of Architecture in 1965 followed. Our fifty-years history of the faculty has brought many alumni into society.

In 1991 a new campus was built in Higashi-Hiroshima city and relocation of the Department of Industrial Chemistry and the Department of Architecture were taken place. It was at this campus that the Department of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (currently the Department of Robotics) and the Department of Mechanical System Engineering were newly established in line with the development of Japanese industries. Finally in 1994, the Graduate School of Industrial Technology (currently the Graduate School of Systems Engineering) was founded. The aim of Graduate School of Industrial Technology is to provide in-depth knowledge with broad horizons that encourage students to develop research capabilities both as a researcher and as a professional with a high degree of expertise. Today, our graduates support national and global industrial engineering as outstanding engineers and researchers.

The Faculty of Engineering never ceases to try improving its education. As an institution of higher learning, we provide an ideal environment for students to acquire their capabilities for life long learning and future-oriented attitudes. Five of our departments have been accredited by JABEE (Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) which verifies the effectiveness of our School’s education at international level. For today’s unpredictable and uncertain world, we keep seeking to understand the social needs to realize a sustainable society. Our education trains students to become innovative human resources that can answer to such needs by the pioneering academic researches. The graduates who are very active in the community and numerous important enterprises demonstrate the excellence of our education.

In the age of globalization, we recognize the importance of an educational system that can change the inward-looking students in Japan. We guide students to acquire intellectual resources, technical expertise and communication skill. At the same time, we expect our students to be cosmopolitan who have cultural sensitivity and accept different values. With the flexible attitudes, our students contribute to regional vitalization and restructuring of the local community, jointly with local government and residents. Based on these educational philosophy and long-term horizon, our students become human resources with true power as university students. We place value on education relevant to the real world. Our students will be capable of working on and finding solutions toward current social problems that industrial countries including Japan are facing. Solutions to must be found to the environmental problems such as global warming that originate from global energy, and the population problems such as declining birth rate and aging population. We believe that recognizing the core problems as the objects of engineering, a field of practical study, is the key to achieve the goal. KUFE with the Research Institute of Fundamental Technology for Next Generation are promoting the industry-government-academia cooperation. We have concluded agreements with research organizations such as Hiroshima University and AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), or with corporations such as Mazda Motor Corporation and Satake Corporation to contribute to create innovation.

Thus our school philosophy confirms, both academic and practical research have emphasis in our education. We provide the ideal educational environment for students that can fulfill their dreams and purposes. This is how Kindai University Faculty of Engineering continues to develop excellent human resources responsible for the 21st century.

Dean of Faculty of Engineering