Nong Lam University(ベトナム)の教員および学生が来学(Professors and students of Nong Lam University in Vietnam visited the faculty of Architecture, Kindai University.)


Professor Nguyen Tri Quang Hung at the Nong Lam University and his colleagues visited Associate Professor Hiraguri's Laboratory of the Faculty of Architecture, Kindai University as a part of the Sakura Science Plan supported by JST. They observed the Academic Theater and experimental building of our faculty and discussed next year's collaborative work on aviation noise.
Nong Lam University(ベトナム)のNguyen Tri Quang Hung先生や学生たちがさくらサイエンスプランの一環で、12月17日(火)、建築学部の平栗靖浩准教授の研究室を訪問しました。アカデミックシアターや実験室を見学し、来年度の航空機騒音に関する共同研究の打ち合わせを実施しました。)