Lectures by Professor Roberto Percacci from SISSA, Trieste, Italy


We invited Professor Roberto Percacci from SISSA, Trieste, Italy (with which we made agreement of exchanges (MOU) last year through our international office) for a series of intensive lectures and our continuing collaboration on functional renormalization group. The lectures are given on March 2 and 3 in Department of Physics. The details of the content can be found at the above URL. This approach can be applied to all kinds of quantum field theories, but it is expected that the approach opens a way to study quantum effects of gravity, one of the long standing and most important problems in theoretical physics. He stays at our laboratory for March 1-8, and will have intensive discussions on our continuing collaboration on the quantum gravity. This visit was made possible by the support of JSPS Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research No. 24540290 (main investigator: N. Ohta) combined with the support of Kindai University.

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