Research findings by Molecular and Material Engineering major selected as front cover article in ChemNanoMat


Reiki Takahashi completed work on his master's degree in Molecular and Material Engineering in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering in March 2020 (supervisor: Dr. Tetsuro Soejima). While still a student he wrote a paper on the results obtained from his joint research with Professor Hiroaki Tada and Associate Professor Musashi Fujishima in the Department of Applied Chemistry. It was selected as a front cover article by the international nanomaterials journal ChemNanoMat (published by Wiley-VCH GmbH).
Their research concerned structural synthesis resulting from the binding of gold and silver bromide nanoparticles. The group discovered a completely new approach for doing so from the preexisting method.
As a result, they succeeded in achieving one-pot synthesis of the Janus particles (one-on-one bonding of gold and silver bromide nanoparticles).
Moreover, concerning the computational science results obtained by professors Tada and Fujishima, they showed that for the Janus particles, the junction interface exhibited singular optical properties.

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