Yusuke Morisawa, associate professor of chemistry, awarded FY2020 NIR Advance Award at 36th Near Infrared Forum


A paper by Yusuke Morisawa, associate professor of chemistry in the Department of Science, entitled "Study for effects of intermolecular interactions in solutions on absorption intensities in the NIR region" was chosen for the FY2020 NIR Advance Award by the Japan Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy (JCNIRS).
The awards ceremony and lecture took place online during the 36th Near Infrared Forum (held November 25-26, 2020). The award is given to outstanding research results concerning near infrared spectroscopy reported (as a research paper, thesis, example of practical application, etc.) during the year in question or the previous 2 to 3 years.
The award went to a pair of papers (1, 2) Morisawa wrote on experimental and theoretical research he conducted that noted the overtones and wavenumbers in near infrared absorption intensities in molecules that had undergone hydrogen bonding.
Absorption intensity is basic data essential to quantitative analysis by spectroscopy. Morisawa's research is invaluable for the development of highly accurate analytical methods for near infrared spectroscopy, which is widely used in non-destructive quantitative analysis.
Dr. Morisawa intends to continue his research in near infrared spectroscopy since it can sensitively capture (reflect) intermolecular interaction.

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[2] Y. Morisawa, A. Suga, Spectrochim. Acta, A, 2018, 197, 121 - 125.