Takuto Mibu, doctoral candidate in Science, wins poster award at 70th Conference of the Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry


At the 70th Conference of the Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry, held online September 28-30, 2020, Takuto Mibu, a second-year doctoral candidate in Science, received a Poster Award.
The poster contest rules limit submissions to one for each research lab. There was a total of 55 entries for 2020. All were considered in a lively discussion using the Remo online system. The judges rigorously considered their respective merits. After the discussion, the judges voted via email and the ballots were counted. In the end, eight entries were chosen for awards.
The title of Mibu's presentation was "Synthesis and magnetic property of Cobalt di-nuclear complexes containing unique tetra-oxolene and bulky ancillary ligand."
For the presentation, Mibu examined his experimental and measurements results using easy-to-understand diagrams, and answered all questions in precise fashion. Consequently, the judges gave it high marks.
We hope that his win will provide Mibu with further impetus for his research and that he will continue to develop as a top-notch scientist.