Introductin of Pharmacy

Kindai University’s Educational Principles

Kindai University’s founding principle is “learning for the real world” and “nurturing intellectual and emotional intelligence.
” We are committed to our educational goal of developing students into individuals who are caring, trustworthy and respectable.
We firmly believe that these goals will be all the more important as Japan continues to develop into a knowledge-based society.

The philosophy Faculty of Pharmacy

The philosophy of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to serve the health and welfare of all people.
Our aim is to provide 21st-century knowledge in the life sciences, basic pharmacology, drug discovery science, medical pharmacy, and health pharmacy in order to train pharmacists who can contribute to medical care.
In addition, it is also our purpose to contribute to research in all pharmaceutical fields, and to develop human resources that can play an active part in human health and welfare.

There are two departments:
"Pharmacy" and "Pharmaceutical Sciences"

The Department of Pharmacy is a six-year course of study. Special emphasis is placed on the training of future pharmacists who have excellent clinical ability, and a wide range of specialized knowledge of medicine.

There are two departments: "Pharmacy" and "Pharmaceutical Sciences"

The Department of the Pharmaceutical Sciences is a four-year course of study.
Students receive technical training in such fields as organic chemistry, regulatory science, genomics, in-silico drug discovery, and cell biology.
Students engage in highly complex pharmaceutical research, so that they can play an active role in the development of medicine for the 21st -century.

There are two departments: "Pharmacy" and "Pharmaceutical Sciences"

Research and Educational Organization