Overseas Study / Foreign Language Training

To learn skills to participate actively in our global society.

During their four years at university students have more time on their hands than during high school years. This is the ideal time for overseas study, which can offer encounters and interactions with local people who are not likely to be seen in Japan. International sensibilities and communication skills acquired through life abroad will give students real advantages and confidence in our globalized society.

International Exchange of Department of Architecture

Students can learn about other cultures and architecture at the same time. During the courses they are able to pursue design exercises with foreign students. We have made an exchange students’ agreement with University of Edinburgh in U.K. and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in USA, and we have implemented a short-term exchange program for around two weeks.

When students from U.K. and USA come to our university through the program, they are required to work with our students jointly to collect data in Hiroshima City, engage in design exercises based on the data which cultivates cultural and academic exchanges.