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A variety of construction methods exist for wood structures. In addition, wood is a biological material, and thus, material strength is also uncertain. Consequently, the theory of structural design is still underdeveloped compared to reinforced concrete and steel-frame construction. We have adopted a research theme of developing computational theories and evaluating structural performance that will be beneficial in the structural design of various load-bearing elements. Since it is difficult to theoretically elucidate the full behavior of wood structures, we focus our research on tests of actual full-size structures.

Connection test of CLTstructures with Actural Size

Research Area Timber Structures
Research Interests seismic design of timber structures, shear walls, timber frames
Selected Publications Formulae to predict shear stiffness and yielding strength of horizontal diaphragms reinforced with shear keys along panel jointse, J.Struct.Constr.Eng., AIJ, No.703, 1137-1146, 2014

Study on evaluation method of structural performance of connection in moment resistance timber frame under combined stress of bending moment and shearing force, J.Struct.Constr.Eng., AIJ, No.647, 165-173, 2010

Formulae to predict the elastic and plastic behaviour of sheathed walls with any nailing arrangement pattern, J.Struct.Constr.Eng., AIJ, No.519, 87-93,1999
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University of Tsukuba

Timber Structure Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows