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Lecturer PhD in Engineering

The colors of objects photographed using a camera are affected by the light source and the sensor, and are thus not the colors as seen by people with their eyes. We conduct research to estimate these effects and develop computer graphics that can reproduce the colors of objects accurately.

A concept of viewing objects

Research Area Multispectral Imaging,
Image Analysis
Research Interests Reconstruction of spectral reflectance by the use of an image acquisition device.
Device independent image reproduction.
Selected Publications (1) Noise robustness of a colorimetric evaluation model for image acquisition devices with different characterization models, Appl. Opt. 48, 5354-5362 (2009).
(2) Estimating the noise variance in an image acquisition system and its influence on the accuracy of recovered spectral reflectances, Appl. Opt. 49, 6140-6148 (2010).
(3) Estimating and Eliminating a Biased Illumination with the Correlation between Luminance and Colors, ICIC Express Letters, Vol.7, No.5, 1687-1692, (2013).
(Undergraduate Course)
BS and MS from Univ. of Osaka Pref.
PhD from Osaka City Univ.
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date A Noise Analysis for Recovering Reflectances of the Objects Being Imaged、Osaka City Univ.、Sep. 2012

Image Processing Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows