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TOZAKI Yasuyoshi
Professor Doctor of Engineering
Department/Mechanical Engineering  Graduate school/Mechanical Engineering Innovative Engineering(兼担)

We develop systems to make it possible to control motive power using new mechanisms that replace gears and to monitor operating status. We also do research aimed at their application to a wide range of machinery such as micromachines and large-scale wind power generation systems.

Hybrid Reduction Device

Research Area Machine Elements, Tribology, Machine Dynamics
Research Interests Hybrid Speed Reduction Device, Method of Oil Film Thickness Using Fluoredcent Agent, Dynamic Thermocouple with Dissimilar Hardened Gear, Suraface-treatde Titanium Alloy Gear under Unlubricated Condition
Selected Publications (1)Fundamental Study on Friction Torque of Cross Roller Bearing,Journal of Japanese Society of Tribologists,Vol.63,No.3,pp.178-190(2018).
(2)Performance Evaluation of Innovative Micro-Traction-Drive-Utilized Angular-Contact Bearing,ASME J. of Tribology ,Vol.128,No.April,pp.262-266(2006).
(3)Basic study of surface temperature at high contact pressure by dynamic thermocouple with dissimilar hardened gears, Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese), Vol.83,No. 854 (2017), DOI:10.1299/transjsme.17-00272 .
Research and Achievements
(Undergraduate Course)
BE from Kyoto Insiitute of Technology
ME from Kyoto University
DE from Kyusyu University

Power Transmission System Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows