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IOI Kiyoshi
Professor Dr. of Engineering
Department/Mechanical Engineering  Graduate school/Mechanical Engineering Innovative Engineering(兼担)

We conduct research on new robots and intelligent machines. We study a variety of bots, including robots that run in place, robots that travel on wall surfaces, and flying robots. We are also doing research on practical small Braille devices and on ultra-low-vibration wheels.

Wall Climbing Robot & Overview of Experiment

Research Area Robotics, Mechatronics, Motion and Vibration Control
Research Interests Implementation of Motion Skill by Robot,
Wall Climbing Robot and its Application,
Wearable Device for Photographing a Narrow Space,
Portable Braille Display,
Vibration Control of Wheeled Caster.
Selected Publications 1) Analysis of polishing a flat plate by using a data acquisition tool for metal-mould polishing, Vol.83,No.856,p1-13 (2017)  (in Japanese)
2)Motion Control of a Wall Climbing Robot with Coaxial Propeller Thruster, Proc of IEEE ICITE2017, pp.360-364 (2017)
3) )Dynamic Simulator for Design and Control of a Wall-climbing Robot, Proc. of IEEE/SICE SII2019, pp40-46 (2019)
(Undergraduate Course)
Kyoto University

Robotics Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows