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NOMA Naoki
Lecturer Doctor of Engineering
Department/Applied Chemistry 

Using proprietary microfabrication techniques, we fabricate nano-sized ceramic patterns and evaluate their photo and electrical characteristics.

Development of Nano-Structured Ceramic Materials

Research Area Materials Chemistry, Photochemistry, Physical Chemistry
Research Interests Photosensitive inorganic gel films, Ceramic spheres, Ceramic nanorods
Selected Publications (1)Preparation of novel photosensitive indium niobate gel films and their characteristics, Thin Solid Films 667, 7-10 (2018).
(2) Preparation of new photosensitive Nb2O5 gel films modified with benzoylacetone and properties of heat-treated films, J. Sol-Gel Sci.Technol., 64, 297-303 (2012).
(3) Electronic state and photosensitivity of metal alkoxides chemically modified with β-diketones, J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol., 52, 166-169 (2009).
(Undergraduate Course)
BE, ME and DE from Osaka University

Photofunctional Materials Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows