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Birth defects are caused by people having the wrong genes or chromosomes, as well as by the environment in the womb. People born with birth defects have lives to live just like everyone else and they should not be subject to discrimination. According to UNESCO’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

Ethical Aspects of Genetic Disease and Genetic Counselling

Research Area Bioethics, Medical Genetics, Effects of Radiation, Genetic Disorders
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Bioethics, Radiation Biology, Experiments of Biology, Experiments of Molecular Biology
Teaching (Graduate Course) Special Issues of Social and Genetics, Genetic Counseling I, Genetic Counseling II, Exercises of Genetic Counseling, Practical Training of Genetic Counseling
Research Interests Ethical issues of prenatal diagnosis for Down syndrome babies
Development of the genetic counseling tools
Study on the effects of fetal radiation exposure
Research on genetic education
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Bioethics Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows