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Professor Doctor of medicine
Department/Life Science  Graduate school/Science

Research looks into the relationship between human traits and the genes and genome behind these traits. Much can be understood through patient study of the genome sequence, and there is hope that the technologies derived from such study can be applied to new methods of cancer treatment.

Cancer genetics & genomics

Research Area Medical Genetics, Cancer Gnetics & Genomics, Genetic Counseling, Molecular Biology, Surgery
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Foundation Seminar 1, Foundation Seminar 2, Introduction to Life Science, Molecular Biology, Advanced Molecular Biology, Seminar for Bachelor Thesis,Graduation Thesis
Teaching (Graduate Course) Advanced lecture on Medical Genetics, Advanced Research on Biological and Environmental Chemistry, Exercises in Human Genetics, Clinical Genetics 1, Clinical Genetics 2, Clinical Oncology 1, Clinical Oncology 2, Exercises in Genetic Counseling, Field study on Genetic Counseling, Special Research on Medical Genetics, Exercises in Biological and Environmental Chemistry
Research Interests Cancer genetics & genomics, Mechanism of carcinogenesis
Selected Publications (1) Akizawa Y, Yamamoto T, Tamura K, Kanno T, Takahaqshi N, Ohki T, Omori T, Tokushige K, Yamamoto M, Saito K.: A novel MLH1 mutation in a Japanese family with Lynch syndrome associated with small bowel cancer. Hum genome Var 2018 Jun 21;5:13. doi: 10.1038/s41439-018-0013-y. eCollection 2018.
(2) Miguchi M, Hinoi T, Tanakaya K, Yamaguchi T, Furukawa Y, Yoshida T, Tamura K, Sugano K, Ishioka C, Matsubara N, Tomita N, Arai M, Ishikawa H, Hirata K, Saida Y, Ishida H, Sugihara K. Alcohol consumption and early-onset risk of colorectal cancer in Japanese patients with Lynchsyndrome: a cross-sectional study conducted by the Japanese Society for Cancer of the Colon and Rectum.Surg Today 48(8): 810-814, 2018.
(3) Tanakaya K, Yamaguchi T, Ishikawa H, Hinoi T, Furukawa Y, Hirata K, Saida Y, Shimokawa M, Arai M, Matsubara N, Tomita N, Tamura K, Sugano K, Ishioka C, Yoshida T, Ishida H, Watanabe T, Sugihara K.: Causes of cancer death among first-degree relatives in Japanese families with Lynch syndrome. Anticancer Res.36(4):1985-1989, 2016.
Research and Achievements
(Undergraduate Course)
BE from Hyogo College of Medicine, DE from Hyogo College of Medicine

Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows