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KURODA Takayoshi
Professor Doctor of Engineering
Department/Science  Graduate school/Science Science(兼担)

Researching nano-scale molecular quantum magnets typified by single-molecule magnets. In addition, research on a variety of functional metal complexes expected to serve as semiconductor materials for switching elements and solar cells.

Temperature dependence of magnetic susceptibility (,MT) of three iron(II) complexes with different qnal ligands. The L2 complex shows SCO at around 220 K while the others don’t.

Research Area Coordination Chemistry
Research Interests Research on the relation between molecular structures and cooperative effects on the spin crossove (SCO)r phenomena of ironSCO complexes

Synthesis of nobel metal clusters constructed from S-shaped hexadentate ligands.

Single-molecule magnet property and photo-magnetic property of lanthanide complexes
Selected Publications (1) Spin-crossover behaviors in solvated cobalt(II) compounds
Shinya Hayami, Manabu Nakaya, Hitomi Ohmagari, Amolegbe Saliu Alao, Masaaki Nakamura, Ryo Ohtani, Ryotaro Yamaguchi, Takayoshi Kuroda-Sowa and Jack K. Clegg, Dalton Trans., 2015, 44, 9345-9348
(2) Heterometallic AgI–IrIII Hydride Coordination Polymers Bridged by IrIII Metalloligands
Masahiko Maekawa,Yukimi Kubo,Kunihisa Sugimoto, Takashi Okubo, Takayoshi Kuroda-Sowa, and Megumu Munakata Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2016, 78–91
(3)Variety of Spin Transition Temperatures of Iron(II) Spin Crossover Complexes with Halogen Substituted Schiff-base Ligands, HqsalX (X = F, Cl, Br, and I)
Takayoshi Kuroda-Sowa, Rina Isobe, Norifumi Yamao, Tomohiro Fukumasu, Takashi Okubo, Masahiko Maekawa, Polyhedron, 2017, 136, 74-78
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Kyoto University

Coordination Chemistry Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows