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OHTA Nobuyoshi
Professor Doctor of Science
Department/Science  Graduate school/Science

Studies are carried out on elemental particles, which are smaller than atoms, through the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, and research is conducted into cosmology and the unified theory of elemental particles, including gravity, through the general theory of relativity and superstring theory.

Elementary particles (left) and superstring (right)

Research Area Elemental Particle Theory, Quantum Gravity Theory, Superstring Theory, Cosmology
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Mathematics for Physics 1, Synthetic Seminar 1, Mathematics for Physics3, Mechanics 1, Exercise for Mechanics 1, Mechanics 2, Fundamental Particles, Seminar for Bachelor Thesis
Teaching (Graduate Course) Special Topics in Elementary Particle Physics, Unified Gauge Theories
Research Interests Quantum Gravity
Superstring Theories
Cosmology in Higher Dimensions
Quantum Theory of Black Holes
Selected Publications (1) Quantum equivalence of f(R) gravity and scalar–tensor theories in the Jordan and Einstein frames, Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, N. Ohta, 2018 (2018) no.3, 033B02.
(2) Renormalization Group Equation and scaling solutions for f(R) gravity in exponential parametrization, N. Ohta, R. Percacci and G. P. Vacca, Eur. Phys. J. C 76 (2016)  46.
(3) Dark Energy and QCD Ghost, N. Ohta, Phys. Lett. B 695 (2011) 41.
Research and Achievements
Affiliated Academic Societies Physical Society of Japan
(Undergraduate Course)
University of Tokyo
(Master's/Doctral Course)
University of Tokyo
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date The Problem of Eta Meson and Vacuum Structure in the Large-N Limit, University of Tokyo, 1982
Biography Research associate, Lecturer, Associate Professor at Osaka University

Elemental Particle and Gravity Theory Laboratory

Office Location Building No. 31, 5th floor
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Academic Staff and Fellows