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Researcher Doctor of Science
Department/Science  Graduate school/Science

The universe is mainly composed of unknown "dark matter" and "dark energy". Their nature have not been understood. Investigating the nature is important to understand the universe and test the Einstein's theory of general relativity. We will investigate the nature by carrying out gravitational lensing analysis of simulations and multi-wavelength data.

Research Area Cosmology, Astrophysics
Research Interests ・Observational and theoretical cosmology
・Large-scale structure of the universe
Selected Publications 1) Environmental effects on halo abundance and weak lensing peak statistics towards large underdense regions, MNRAS,  488, 5811 (2019)
2) Probing supervoids with weak lensing, MNRAS, 476, 359 (2018)
3) The imprint of f(R) gravity on weak gravitational lensing - I. Connection between observables and large-scale structure, MNRAS, 459, 2762 (2016)
Affiliated Academic Societies The Astronomical Society of Japan
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date Weak lensing analysis of structure formation of the Universe, University of Tokyo, 2014
Biography NAOJ ALMA project and Kindai University (2019-present),
Academia Sinica Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics(ASIAA, 2016-2019),
National Astronomica Observatory of Japan (NAOJ, 2014-2016)

Laboratory for Cosmology

Office Location Advanced Physics Laboratory, 5F, 31st building
E-mail yuichi.higuchi(at)
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Academic Staff and Fellows