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ANTON Timur Jaelani
Researcher Doctor of Science
Department/Science  Graduate school/Science

Strong gravitational lenses are valuable phenomena for studying astrophysics and cosmology. Lensing is a unique probe of the (dark) matter distribution at large-scale and also can act as a natural telescope that magnifies the background sources, allowing for detailed studies of their properties at high resolution. This phenomena appear as a unique probe of the dark matter structure of galaxies, groups, and clusters, as well as an independent tool for constraining cosmological parameters.

HSC J0904-0102, a highly compact lensed Lyman break galaxy

Research Area Observational cosmology, Astrophysics, Gravitational lensing
Research Interests Observational cosmology
Dark matter studies with gravitational lensing.
Selected Publications 1) X-ray study of the double source plane gravitational lens system Eye of Horus observed with XMM-Newton, MNRAS, stz3188 (2019)
2) Survey of gravitationally-lensed objects in HSC imaging (SuGOHI). III. Statistical strong lensing constraints on the stellar IMF of
CMASS galaxies, A&A, 630, A71 (2019)
3) Constraints on Dark Energy Models in Cosmology from Double-Source Plane Strong Lensing System, JOP conf., 1245,
012017 (2019)
Affiliated Academic Societies The Astronomical Society of Japan
(Undergraduate Course)
Institut Teknologi Bandung
(Master's/Doctral Course)
M. Sc. : Institut Teknologi Bandung
Ph. D : Tohoku University
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date Study of Galaxy Groups Lensing: Concentration-Mass (c − M ) Relation up to High Redshift, Tohoku University, 2018
Biography Bosscha Observatory (2018)

Laboratory for Cosmology

Office Location 31th Building, 5th floor, Advanced Physics Laboratory
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Academic Staff and Fellows