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Takashi AOKI
Professor Doctor of Science
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Infinite series is taught as part of senior high school mathematics, but only convergent infinite series. However, there are also divergent series, which can be very helpful depending on how they are used. Research is conducted into new mathematical applications using divergent series.

Classification of the Stokes geometry of the Gauss hypergeometric differential equation

Research Area Algebraic Analysis of Singular Perturbation Theory
Research Interests (1)Asymptotic analysis of the hypergeometric function and confluent hypergeometric functions with respect to parameters
(2)Microlocal analysis of pseudodifferential operators of infinite order
(3)Construction of general formal solutions to higher-order Painlevé equations
Selected Publications (1) T. Aoki, F. Colombo, I. Sabadini and D. C. Struppa, Continuity theorems for a class of convolution operators and applications to superoscillations, Annali di Matematica 197 (2018), 1533--1545
(2) T. Aoki, N. Honda and S. Yamasaki, Foundation of symbol theory for analytic pseudodifferential operators, I, J. Math. Soc. Japan, 69, No.~4 (2017), 1715--1801
(3) T. Aoki and M. Tanda, Parametric Stokes phenomena of the Gauss hypergeometric differential equation with a large parameter, Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan, 68, No. 3 (2016), 1–34.

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The University of Tokyo

Algebraic Analysis Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows