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Research Project Title

Establishing a Best-Energy-Mix Research Center to Promote the Use of Solar Energy
Hisashi Fujihara, Research Director

Research Themes

Research Theme 1Hisashi Fujihara, Principal Researcher
Development of sustainable material-conversion processes using solar catalysts
Research Issues Name
Development of photo-material conversion processes using chiral organic-inorganic hybrid catalysts Hisashi Fujihara
Visible-light-responsive photocatalysts based on titanium oxide surface-modified by metal oxide clusters Hiroaki Tada
Development of highly active hydrogen-producing photocatalysts utilizing surface plasmon resonance (SPR) of fine metal particles Hiroshi Kominami
High-energy-efficiency molecular conversion in light-harvesting π-conjugated chiral nanospaces Manabu Ishifune
Building sugar-metal hybrid light-harvesting chiral reaction spaces, and photo-material conversion Atsushi Sudo
Construction of a methanol photosynthesis system Tsukasa Matsuo
Research Theme 2Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, Principal Researcher
Development of solar energy conversion technologies
Research Issues Name
Synthesis of donor-acceptor type oligophenylene ethynylenes (OPEs) as sensitizing dyes Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
Synthesis and high-order self-organization of functional dye molecules having a high photoelectric conversion efficiency Yoshitaka Saga
Development of bulk hetero-junction organic thin-film photovoltaic cells Takashi Okubo
Fabricating novel organic thin-film solar cells and elucidating the photovoltaic mechanism Senku Tanaka
Development of carrier transport materials and precision control of light-induced charge separation state of sensitizing dyes Kouichi Matsumoto
Research Theme 3Takayoshi Kuroda, Principal Researcher
Development of high-efficiency external-field responsive devices as power-saving materials
Research Issues Name
Synthesis of novel nano-sized magnets and their photo-magnetic functions Takayoshi Kuroda
Development of polarizing elements and visible and near-infrared light control techniques Tomonari Wakabayashi
Fabrication of high-efficiency inorganic self-assembled nanophosphors controlled by nanopore spaces Mitsunobu Iwasaki
Creation of novel circularly polarized luminescent (CPL) high-performance assemblies oriented toward an energy-saving society Yoshitane Imai
Spectroscopic analysis of higher-order structures of polymer materials Yusuke Morisawa
Development of high-efficiency photo-responsive metal complexes Hidetaka Nakai
Office of the Best-Energy-Mix Research Project, Kinki University Yuka Suzuki