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Faculty and Research

I conduct research on English grammar and usage. To enjoy communicating in English, it is necessary to have good knowledge of grammar. Learning word usage is also very important. Why don't you learn English and boost your communication skills?



  • Department: General Education Division

Let's learn to use words accurately!

Research Area Linguistics, Applied Linguistics
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) English, TOEIC, Academic Reading, Writing
Research Interests English Grammar and Usage, Listening and Reading, Vocabulary Acquisition
Selected Publications (1) Perceptions of L1 use as a pre-listening activity relative to L2 proficiency, International Journal of English Linguistics, 7(3), pp. 1-10. (2017).
(2) Effects of phonological input as a pre-listening activity on vocabulary learning and L2 listening comprehension test performance, TESL-EJ, 19(2), pp. 1-18. (2015).  
(3) Effects of pre-reading strategies on EFL/ESL reading comprehension, TESL Canada Journal, 28(2), pp. 51-73. (2011).
(Undergraduate Course)
Osaka University, School of Letters
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Osaka University, Graduate School of Letters
E-mail rabbit(at)kindai.ac.jp

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Faculty and Research

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