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Faculty and Research

I am in charge of English seminars and academic readings. My field of specialization is the study of the novels of Laurence Sterne, an 18th-century British writer. Let’s live a cultured, fulfilling life by reading the classics of Japanese and foreign literature.

Professor Master in English, Doshisha Uni.,1980

Shigemitsu ISHII

  • Department: General Education Division
  • Graduate school:

Laurence Sterne's definitive texts

Research Interests (1) Laurence Sterne
(2) English Novels
(3) Later Stuart English Novels
Selected Publications (1) Rorensu Sutahn: Sterne in Japan, The Shandean, Vol. 8, 1996
(2) Tokugawa Shogun's Tristram Shandy, The Shandean, Vol.12, 2001
(3) Medical Realism and Fantasy in Tristram Shandy, The Shandean, Vol. 18, 2007
(Undergraduate Course)
Doshisha University
E-mail shandean(at)msa.kindai.ac.jp

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Faculty and Research

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