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Edwin Santoso (Indonesia)

Faculty of Architecture

I am a MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) scholarship student from Indonesia studying my bachelor degree in Architecture here at Kindai University. It is a privilege to be able to share my study experiences at this university.

Until now, my experiences here have been greatly positive, from the professor method of teaching to staff attentiveness in supporting students. Originally a transfer student from college, where learning occurred in small intensive groups, entering Kindai University, well-known for its large size, I thought the distance between professors and students would be greater.

But that was not the case, the professors I have met here all are supportive and open-minded, will gladly take time in their busy schedule to listen to students’ problems, either in study or research. Even professors from other faculties are willing to provide their insight from their respective expertise in helping my studies.

Talking about my faculty, the Architectural department in Kindai is a bit different from other universities in Japan. Kindai doesn't focus only on architectural design and engineering, but also focuses on building management to stay relevant in an ever changing economic sector. Studying architecture as a "whole" prepared me for my current job hunting.

Finally, being able to study in this supporting environment makes me glad to have chosen Kindai for my bachelor degree study.

Zhang Jiao (China)

Graduate School of Commercial Science Department

I am a doctoral student in the Graduate School of Commercial Science Department. I came to Japan 3 years ago to continue my research and to improve my Japanese as much as I can. It is my great pleasure to share my life experiences in Kindai University.

It has been my desire for a long time to live in Japan. I desired to experience Japanese traditions and cultures and taste Japanese foods. Many of my dreams came true after coming to Kindai University.

The first time I saw the campus, it made a lasting impression on me, the campus was so clean and surrounded by green trees. I am also impressed by the cherry tree near the front gate.

Actually, I was totally nervous about my new life in Japan, but everything was easier and better than I thought because of my professor who helped me a lot. He helped me find an apartment to stay in and gave me a lot of advice on many kinds of issues. I appreciate that I have a really nice professor. There is also an international office on the campus, where very friendly staff members offer me guidance and advise when I have some trouble.

Kindai University for me is more than a place to do my studies, it's also a place where I can have friends and enjoy Japanese traditions through all the activities which are available. I made many friends here and I am enjoying every day now.

For all of that I really want to say: "Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity and the honor to be at Kindai University".

Md. Fakhruzzaman (Bangladesh)

Graduate School of Agriculture

I am a doctoral student in the Graduate School of Agriculture’s department of Advanced Bioscience. It is my great pleasure to share my impressions of Kindai University.

It had been my long-awaited desire to do molecular research in the field of biological sciences. After getting an opportunity to study here at Kindai University, my dreams really came into reality. I am really very happy to learn and apply molecular techniques in the field of biology in the laboratory where I am doing my research. The laboratory is well equipped, and I can do extensive molecular research there.

My first day on campus, I was totally confused and nervous about many things, but gradually everything became easier and understandable, thanks to cordial cooperation from my teachers and my Japanese friends as well. This campus also has an office where very friendly staff members offer guidance and valuable advice on almost all kinds of issues.

Now, let me tell you about my campus. The Agriculture Faculty campus is the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. It is surrounded by many green trees, including cherry trees, which make the campus look like a beauty queen. I am really impressed with the architecture of the buildings and the natural scenery of this campus. Other facilities include a very comfortable cafeteria and convenience stores, where students can buy their meals at a reasonable cost.

I would also like to talk about my circle of friends, both Japanese and foreigners from different countries, such as Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia, and Nigeria. I get continuous cooperation from my Japanese friends. I can also share my experiences—happiness as well as sorrows—and my dreams with my foreign friends.

Finally, studying at Kindai University has made my dreams come true, and I am really proud to be a part of this prestigious university.