Rating & Investment, Inc. Rating

On Wednesday, October 16th Kinki University receive its 14th rating from Rating & Investment, Inc. (R&I). The school was awarded the same rating as the previous year, AA (stable). This rating is 3rd out of the agency’s 21 graded ratings – a high rating.

The reasons mentioned for maintaining this rating were the results of the university’s education and research were widely promoted by effective use of PR, and the university's brand power has been strengthened. In addition, due to the strengthening of areas such as our educational environment, we maintained an extremely strong recruitment trend of students. Furthermore, the agency evaluated of our progress in improving income and expenditure amounts at the medical schools and affiliated hospitals. As of October 16, 2018, the AA rating is the highest rating received by an educational institution from Rating & Investment, Inc.

Issuer: Kindai University
Rating Issued: AA (Maintained)
Our 14th consecutive AA rating (since 2005 onwards)
Rating: Stable
Rating company: Rating and Investment, Inc. (R & I)

* For details, please see attached R&I News Release.