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Faculty and Research (Search by Graduate Program)

Innovative EngineeringSearch by graduate program

An introduction to faculty staff members and laboratories in Innovative Engineering.

Note: Information on the laboratories is current as of the 2016 academic year. There may be changes to this information in the 2017 academic year.

Robotics Laboratory

Kiyoshi IOI

Robotics, Mechatronics, Motion and Vibration Control
We conduct research on new robots and intelligent machines. We study a variety of bots, including robots that run in place, robots that travel on wall surfaces, and flying robots. We are also doing research on practical small Braille devices and on ultra-low-vibration wheels.
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Laboratory of Inorganic Materials Chemistry

Mitsunobu IWASAKI

Inorganic Materials Chemistry
We make full use of environmentally friendly methods to fabricate artificial bone that enables fracture patients to live their lives as comfortably as possible. We are also actively involved in creating markers that enable the detection of even single cancer cells and colorants that change hue depending on the viewing angle.
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Surface Design Chemistry Laboratory


Physical Chemistry, Catalytic Chemistry
Catalysts are what control chemical reactions. This laboratory develops intelligent catalysts to enable more effective resource utilization and allow full use of natural energy sources and waste materials. In addition, we also conduct research on earth-friendly chemical reactions such as energy conversion and environmental cleanup.
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Laser Engineering Laboratory

Hitoshi NAKANO

Laser Engineering
We are actively conducting research related to laser and electrical energy control, for example, developing new lasers, new functional materials that use laser light beams, and systems that efficiently supply electrical energy using power semiconductors.
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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory


Machining, Composites Manufacturing, Micro/Nano Fabrication, Metal Powder Injection Molding
How do we effectively utilize advanced materials to boost the capabilities, performance, and environmental adaptability of components used in products such as aircraft and automobiles? We research processing methods that form the essential foundations of manufacturing.
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Applied Laser Engineering Laboratory


Applied Laser Engineering Laser Safety
This laboratory has a wide variety of laser equipment, as well as analyzers and observation systems. We conduct experiments on the use of lasers to cut wood, bone, and flesh. We are also doing R&D on practical applications of lasers in the medical and healthcare fields as well as in industry.
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Precision Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Takashi HARADA

Parallel Mechanisms, Precision Machinery, Machine Kinematics, Mechanics
Ichiro Suzuki, the Major League player who continues to smash hits even though his circumstances have changed, is the precision machinery of the baseball world. We conduct research, aiming to achieve machinery like Ichiro—machines that do the job reliably even when operating environments and circumstances change.
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Distributed Processing Software Laboratory

Masahiro HIGUCHI

Formal Methods for Software Engineering
To ensure software reliability, verification and testing in the development stage are extremely important. We are pursuing research on boosting the efficiency of verification and testing, focusing on distributed processing software running on networks.
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Teruyuki BUNNO

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Theory of Entrepreneurial Venture Development
We conduct research related to the creation of innovative new products and services that will bring greater convenience to our lives from the perspective of small- and medium-sized entrepreneurial start-up companies.
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Laboratory of Environmental Biology

Takeshi MINAMI

Hygienic Chemistry, Analytic Chemistry
How does thimerosal, a type of ethyl mercury compound, which is used as a preservative for vaccines, act in the central nervous system of a fetus? Research focuses on the connection between this and the presence of the protein metallothionein.
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Material Processing Laboratory

Associate Professor

Material Science, Material Process Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering
We develop new materials to create new electronic components and also develop technologies to fabricate them easily. We also develop new analytical techniques using these new materials, such as atmospheric analysis and observation of catalyst reactions.
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CAE Analysis and Design Laboratory


Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Engineering, Computer-Aided Engineering
We study on the computer simulations of the flow, which is called Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and especially develop the software for analyzing the flow and heat conduction related to the filling, packing and cooling stages in the plastic injection molding..
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Masaya ASANO
Visiting Professor

Technology Management, Chemical Industries, Organic Electronic Materials
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Yoshihiro KIYOHARA
Visiting Professor

Intellectual Property
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