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Faculty and Research

Associate Professor Ph.D (Science) (Kobe University)


  • Department: Science
  • Graduate school: Science

Discrete Painleve system of type A

Research Area Differential Equations in Complex Domains
Research Interests Painleve equations
Hypergeometric functions
Infinite dimensional integrable systems
Selected Publications (1) Higher order Painleve system of type D_{2n+2}^{(1)} and monodromy preserving deformation, K. Fuji, K. Inoue, K. Shinomiya and T. Suzuki, J. Nonlinear Math. Phys. 20 (2013) 57-69.
(2) Six-dimensional Painleve systems and their particular solutions in terms of rigid systems, T. Suzuki, J. Math. Phys. 55 (2014).
(3) A q-analogue of the Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchy of type A and q-Painleve system, Takao Suzuki, AMS Contemp. Math. 651 (2015) 25-38.
(Undergraduate Course)
Kobe University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Kobe University
Special Functions Laboratory
E-mail suzuki(at)math.kindai.ac.jp

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Faculty and Research

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